Safety measures for hiking

Hiking has become one of the favorite sports for people of all ages and around the world. Its health benefits are well known: it helps improve fitness because it strengthens the muscles and increases endurance, and also offers to the mind the possibility of relaxing and being carried away by the beauty and tranquility of the natural landscape.

However, there are aspects to keep in mind to make the route a pleasant experience. It is necessary to be prudent, respectful and be prepared for contingencies that may arise along the way.

Responsibility and common sense must walk with you, since natural environments can be hazardous. Therefore, from Walkaholic, we advise you some basic precautions that you should take so that your promenade does not end badly.

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Red Cross First Aid app for hiking

Have you ever been in an emergency situation and you didn’t have cell coverage or you had to act while you were waiting for help? Today we share with you the International Red Cross First Aid app that helps you in a varied range of emergency situations..

Emergency situations explained

The app contains step-by-step instructions and even some explanatory videos and safety tips, so hiking becomes a safer activity.

first aid step by step
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6 hiking trails to enjoy nature in Castilla y León

Castilla y León may not be favored with a beautiful coastline, but since it is the largest region in Spain it is also full of interest for hiking enthusiasts.

Covering the Spanish part of the Duero basin, Castilla y León enjoys a surprising 94,226 km² full of trails and routes to discover.

Therefore, from Walkaholic we recommend 6 spectacular hiking trails in this region and invite you to discover them for yourself.

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GUIDE: How to prepare and organize a group-hiking route?

One of the main advantages of hiking is that, although it can be done alone, if you practice it in a group it is more fun and safe.

Group hiking helps strengthen family ties, friendship and allows you to expand your circle of friends who love hiking. There is no better way to make friends than facing paths and adventures together.

Being a non-competitive sport, as a rule all walkers help each other. This is reinforced when we face a particularly complicated path, and in fact it is recommended that you never do these routes alone.

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Hiking trails in the French Alps

If you fancy a hiking challenge away from home, why not try your luck in the French Alps?

This mountain range extends throughout several countries of Central Europe, but the French side can take pride in having the highest mountain on the European continent, Mont Blanc, with its impressive 4810.06 m a. s. l.

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