Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary at Mondulkiri province

Back in 2015, one week from now, I left Europe for first time. It was a big deal for me, since I had been exploring many regions all around my continent, but never went out of it. I wanted so badly to go to Asia, it had always called my attention, but I didn’t really want to go to the typical tourist spot. Plus I needed to find inner peace at that moment of my life. So going to a country that not many people visit sounded like the right thing to do. So I chose Cambodia, and visited a Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary.

During the first week of my trip, I had been going North. After the capital, Phnom Penh, I departed to the Stung Treng province, where I enjoyed the 4.000 islands of the Mekong river. And then I was for a few days in Banlung, at the Ratanakiri Province, where I had the pleasure to see a few waterfalls and a volcano with a forest and lake in it. However, one of the most exciting parts of my first Asian trip was about to arrive. I ended up in the Mondulkiri province, basically because I heard it was atypical of Cambodia. It wasn’t so hot, neither so low (in altitude) as most of the country.

What is an Elephant sanctuary?

Princess is probably the most lovely elephant Mondulkiri
Princess is probably the most lovely elephant Mondulkiri

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Taman Negara trek, a trip to the jungle

I came to this part of Malaysia with a clear objective, going for a Taman Negara trek. Why? Well, it’s a huge jungle, it still has a relevant wild nature, and it’s cheap.

Taman Negara, means national park in Malay, and it is a huge green area in peninsular Malaysia. Most of it is still a virgin jungle forest, although it’s size has been shrinking during the past of time, being the main reason of it the plantation of palm fields.

Lubuk Simpon beach - Taman Negara trek
Lubuk Simpon beach – Taman Negara trek

However, you can do a lot of activities in this wonderful national park, and see plenty of animals on your way to do them. I came here to do some jungle trekkings, and specially motivated to see, perhaps, a few rare and exotic wild animals like the Asian tiger or the Asian elephant, although I saw none of them at the end. Continue reading Taman Negara trek, a trip to the jungle

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