Hiking trails in Peaks of Europe

Although not as big as other European mountain ranges, the proximity to the sea has made that Peaks of Europe have a singular geography.  In fact, the Peaks of Europe National Park is one of the most visited in Spain, only surpassed by the Teide National Park, in Tenerife.

There is a lot to explore there, as the park extends through the Principality of Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León.  It is divided into three massifs, western, central and south, so hikers and mountaineers can enjoy its diversity and high peaks.

Therefore, from Walkaholic we will suggest 7 spectacular walks for all levels of experience and physical preparation, so you can enjoy the Peaks of Europe at your leisure.

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Hiking with dogs: everything you need to take into account

We have always said that, although it can be done alone, hiking is best enjoyed when we go with partners.  And one of those who will undoubtedly enjoy it is our dogs: they love to walk outdoors just like us, so there is no reason for leaving them at home.

They will surely be grateful: new smells, new places and much to explore.  However, there are some precautions that we should take into account when hiking with our four legged friend. And precisely because of this, from Walkaholic we advise you on this particular.

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5 hiking trails in Extremadura

Extremadura not only has the two largest provinces of Spain, Cáceres and Badajoz.  It is also one of the most unexplored regions, and the mountain ranges of both provinces offer pleasant surprises to hiking enthusiasts.

In this frontier with Portugal, steep hills and mountains are balanced with forests and river valleys, olive groves and pastures with flora and fauna, to make a true feast for our steps.  As a dessert, Extremadura is full of history; ranging from cave paintings of the Paleolithic to beautiful monasteries of various periods.

For all this, from Walkaholic we suggest 5 hiking trails in Extremadura, full of charm and ideal to know this beautiful Spanish region.

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5 hiking trails in Cantabria

Located on a ledge between the sea and the mountains, Cantabria is one of the northernmost regions of Spain that enjoys luxurious landscapes and good weather.

Cantabria has more than 600 km of well signposted trails cover its extension in all directions, so hikers may choose between walking along the coast, the mountain or green valleys of rich flora and picturesque villages.

Furthermore, Cantabria was populated since before 37,000 BC., fact that is demonstrated by the paintings of the Altamira Cave, declared World Heritage Site.

For those who want to discover the secrets of this region, from Walkaholic we suggest 5 of the best hiking trails in Cantabria.

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Techniques and tools for hiking trail orientation

Hikers rejoice every day of the technology advances, because they make our lives much easier and give us the possibility to enjoy the path without worrying about getting lost.

Both dedicated GPS and smartphones have come to be a kind of blessing for hikers in this century. Thanks to applications like Walkaholic, it is now possible to check our position in real time regarding the route we have selected to walk.

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