Hiking trails in the French Alps

If you fancy a hiking challenge away from home, why not try your luck in the French Alps?

This mountain range extends throughout several countries of Central Europe, but the French side can take pride in having the highest mountain on the European continent, Mont Blanc, with its impressive 4810.06 m a. s. l.

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Hiking routes in Murcia that you should know

Each season of the year, Murcia is a true paradise for hikers.  The Mediterranean climate of this area, together with its more than 11,300 square kilometers of a combination of coastline with valleys and mountains make it perfect for this activity.

Murcia has many routes and trails to explore, so from Walkaholic we suggest some of the most relevant, where you certainly will have a great time.

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How to start and improve in hiking?

Walking is a natural act for human beings, something that we learn since we are babies and serves us as a mean of locomotion throughout our lives.  But it has other advantages, because it is in itself a very complete aerobic exercise, which mobilizes our body and strengthens our vital systems.

Now, because modern life imposes a very fast pace, we tend to use other means of transportations to move at full speed from one place to another.  We hardly walk anymore.

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The beautiful hiking trails in Asturias that you should know

The 10,603.57 square kilometers of the Principality of Asturias stand out in all its extension for its beautiful natural landscapes and the history that awaits for the hiking lovers.

Located to the North of the Iberian Peninsula and bathed by the Bay of Biscay, Asturias is geologically the most mountainous region of Spain, which is always good news for us walkers. And there are always pleasant temperatures that allow us to escape from the intense summer heat.

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Eating and staying hydrated on summer routes

Now that temperature is increasing – at levels that may be considered historical records- we must pay special attention to two main aspects if we go hiking.  These are food and hydration.

Of course we all agree that going for a walk should be a pleasant and fun experience.  But it must be taken into account that, as we walk, we will find ourselves in areas where there is little or no human presence… and, therefore, getting help will be tricky at least.

Then, we must ensure that our body has enough energy and electrolytes to reach our destiny.  So from Walkaholic we give you several tips on this subject.

Food and hydration in the summer

This is especially important in summer.  As the temperature rises, our body increases perspiration to keep us cool.  In return, when we sweat, we lose water and salts by evaporation as result.

 Hydration in summer
Hydration in summer / Photo by jannoon028

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