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The 7 best hiking trails in Galicia

All hikers know it: if you really want to know a place, you will need to walk it. For that, Galicia is an ideal place to be discovered by our steps.

Full of idyllic trails, exuberant nature and a unique history, this region also stands out for the endemic character of its species and its landscapes worthy of contemplation, as well as the exuberance of its geography that combines rivers, sea, mountains, valleys and a thousand more landscapes to discover.

Good for walking at any time of the year, the Galician trails are dressed up in spring and autumn for the maximum enjoyment of the traveler with flower fields and sun rays over the Galician¡ beaches.

Therefore, from Walkaholic we will like to propose you 7 hiking trails in this community that stands out for its beauty and splendor.


Camino de Santiago

We had to start with the best-known route in the region, Spain and probably the world.

This route, ancient and popular, is the pinnacle of hiking. One of the three most important pilgrimage routes of the Dark Ages, Camino de Santiago has as its goal to reach Santiago de Compostela to venerate the relics of the Apostle Santiago the elder.

Hiking on the Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago / Photo by  jmgarzo -License (CC BY 2.0)

However, this route immortalized by Paulo Coelho in “The pilgrim of Compostela” and many other authors, do not have a single way to be traversed, since you can get to the city by The French Way, the Portuguese, the North, the English, The Silver Path and others.

For religious or spiritual reasons, this route represents an awakening of the conscience and a challenge that more than 100,000 pilgrims travel in their entirety annually, according to the pilgrims’ accreditation office in Santiago de Compostela.

Fervenza do Toxa-Mosteiro de Carboeiro

This route will not cease to amaze you throughout your journey. It travels between Silleda and Vila de Cruces, crossing the province of Pontevedra, and is part of the PRG-18 trail Fervenza do Toxa-Mosteiro de Carboeiro.

Waterfall in Fervenza do Toxa
Waterfall in Fervenza do Toxa / photo by Aguamorta – License (CC BY 2.0)

Declared a Site of Community Importance (SCI), there is much to see following its clearly signaled route.

Among the places of interest for walkers are a fervenza (waterfall) of more than 70 meters, the hermitage of San Paio, A Carixa (a dazzling fluvial beach), the Ponte do Demo and an architectural jewel of the 10th century, the monastery of Carboeiro.

Good for the whole family, this trail has a scarce six kilometers length of low difficulty but high fun.

Corga da Fecha route

For the experienced hikers who desire a short but challenging route, we choose this path. Classified of high difficulty in its short 3 kilometers in length, it is well worth exploring if we take into account its archaeological, scenic and geological treasures.

It begins in the Thermal Village of Lobios in Ourense to reach the old Roman road that crosses the valley of the Caldo river. Then, the path continues with the ascension to Corga da Fecha, where we will find beautiful waterfalls and panoramic views of Portela do Home and the Santa Eufemia mountain range that will take your breath away.

Another possible starting point is Ponte Nova, to walk through the Roman miliaries of Via XVIII joining Braga and Astorga. Then, we arrive at the same trail that takes us to the Corga da Fecha.

Camiño dos Faros

If you are one of those who like long routes, what would you think about a 200 kilometers hike? This is what promises and complies the Camiño dos Faros, although you can also enjoy it in any of the 8 stages in which it is divided from the year 2013.

Along the Costa da Morte, uniting Malpica de Bergantiños with Finisterre you will visit lighthouses, cliffs, dunes, beaches, forests, granite seas and everything worth seeing on this Atlantic coast.

Hiking on the Camiño dos faros
Camiño dos faros / Photo by Pablo Sanxiao – License  (CC BY 2.0)

With the sound of the ocean as relaxing background music, the route covers the Malpica-Niñóns, Niñóns-Ponteceso, Ponteceso-Laxe, Laxe-Arou, Arou-Camariñas, Camariñas-Muxia, Muxía-Nemiña and Nemiña-Cabo Finisterre routes; where pilgrims like to visit to end their pilgrimage on Santiago’s road.

Albergue to Tres Bispos in Os Ancares trail

This route is not easy, but you may overcome it with a normal physical condition. In return, it will allow a splendid view of the summits of Mustallar (1924m), Mount Penarrubia (1821m), Peña Ubiña (1821m), and almost all the Ancares.

On sunny days, you can even glimpse the Picos de Europa range.

Route from the lodge of Os Ancares to Tres Bispos, this linear road of 7 kilometers allows you, besides the landscape, to enjoy the native flora. According to the legend, the end of this trail was a meeting place for the bishops of the area, when it was necessary to settle important questions.

Panoramic route of Vigo in the Rías Baixas

In the Rías Baixas we can walk this 40 kilometers non-circular route that encircles the city of Vigo through all the mountains that surround it. Because of its extension, it is necessary to travel it in different stages but it is a worthwhile journey.

Hiking in Galicia Monte Galiñeiro
Monte Galiñeiro, Galicia / photo by José Antonio Gil – License (CC BY 2.0)

Categorized as the GR 53, the panoramic route of Vigo aims to delight visitors and city locals with all kinds of natural beauties, including views of the city and the path of the estuary.

If you are one of those who like to know about history besides the beautiful landscapes, you will be surprised by the ruins of the wall of Monte O Galiñeiro, the petroglyphs of Fragoselo and the dolmens of the Merchant area.

Coast of O Vicedo in the Mariña Lucense route

On the coast of O Vicedo we find the Mariña Lucense, a route that passes through the most beautiful beaches in Galicia.

Starting at the port of O Vicedo, it goes through the Castro lighthouse, the Xilloi beach, and approaches Isla Coelleira at the point closest to its coastline to reach the hidden beach of Tixoso.

But the wonders are not yet finished, because it is followed by the Viveiro estuary, which can be admired from the viewpoint of San Román. And then we come to the last astonishment of the trail: the beach of Área Grande. The O Vicedo coastal route is marked as the PR-G 156, a linear route of about 13 kilometers of wonder to do in spring or summer.

What do you think about our selection? If the route of your preference is not included in our list, leave us a comment so that we all benefit from your experience.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days we meet on the road, enjoying some of these hiking trails in Galicia.

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