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13 presents to give to a father who loves hiking and mountains

If you are looking for something to give to your father or partner, choosing something related to his hobbies is the best thing you can do. And if he is one of those who like hiking and mountains, then we can help you choose a super gift.

Normally, this would not be such a simple task, since these are very specialized activities, so is most likely that “the adventurous father”  already has the essential equipment  for hiking, which is usually made of high durable materials.

Not for old means that the hiking equipment no longer works, since durability and use value are prioritized over aesthetics. In addition, we have to try that our gift is of real use. If you only add more weight to his backpack, your gift will most likely end up in a corner of the storage room.

However, in addition to the basic equipment that sure that your father already has if he is an advanced hiker, there are many new and interesting things to give away.

From Walkaholic we bring you 13 proposals to stimulate your imagination and that you can surprise with something that is both useful and original.


13 Original ideas to give to a hiker father

These ideas are far from classic, no boots, no clothes, no GPS. We comment you about useful objects and even fun, to make the route of the hiker easier.

Bluetooth outdoor speaker

Although enjoying the silence and the sounds of nature is one of the main pleasures of hiking, it is no rare to listen to some music at an adequate volume, to break the monotony. In addition to being resistant to moisture and shockproof, this gift has good autonomy and includes a microphone, so you can answer calls without searching your mobile in your backpack.

Portable bluetooth speakers for 14,99£
Portable bluetooth speakers for 14,99£

Vintage compass

Vintage compass

GPS technology may be trending, but nothing is more secure and reliable for a hiker than a real compass. That will never be without charge or signal, and can well get us out of a hurry … besides looking simply great in a collection.

This Proster compass includes a clinometer function as well and is made of metal. Costs only 13,55£ on Amazon.

compass hiking

Gel hand warmer

Winter is an ideal time for hiking, but it is not the only season of the year when it is necessary to face the low temperatures, and that is something mountaineers know. So nothing more appropriate to combat the loss of body heat from the hands than these small reusable gel bags, to heat us much faster than any glove.

Hermetic capsule

Those who have traveled routes with rivers know that we are in constant danger of slipping in a stream or losing feet by fording a river. At any moment we can be surprised by the rain in the open, ruining everything that can be damaged.

It is true that many backpacks have hermetic seals, but if this is not the case, an effective solution is always to carry those documents or objects that can be damaged in a hermetic capsule, for our peace of mind.

We propose you 2 deals:

  1. A waterproof pouch bag for your phone, passport, money, etc for 8.51£
    waterproof pouch bag
  2. An waterproof bag ranging between 2L and 40L from 6.99£ to 22.99£

Telescope telescope

telescope old telescope

It occupies less space and weighs less than binoculars, so if we want to look at the horizon it is very good to have a telescope that we fold in a small tube.

Optics also has nothing to envy to binoculars, so if your father likes watching birds or seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, this gift will surely delight him.

From Walkaholic, we recommend this monocular from Telmu, that only weighs 341 grams. It’s waterproof, and it also enables your smartphone to take pictures with it. It only costs 37.56£ :

Spoon fork

This is a great solution to save space by combining two elements of the cutlery into one. Not only does it take away weight from the backpack (and we all know that even a few grams are piled up), but it avoids having to search to find both elements. In addition to light and resistant, this fork spoon can get into the dishwasher when we  get home, and it allows you to open bottles.

Water filter

However crystalline and clean the waters of a river or streams may seem, it does not mean they are drinkable. Normally the hiker will sacrifice himself and carry everything he will drink along the way, but if the route has abundant waterways this filter is a real investment. With it, it is guaranteed that the water does not contain a single bacterium.

hiking water filter

This Sawyer water filter  £23.70 is the best option in Amazon, since it filters until 350,000L, so it’s very durable and it can remove pretty much any bacteria and protozoa. Including salmonella, e-coli and other. Most of the other available options, only filter up to 2,000-5,000L.

Solar panel

The electronics make the life of the hiker easier and safer, but it still depends a lot on the electricity that we can find along the route to recharge batteries. If your father is one of those who prefers to spend several days outdoors, this solar panel is a very good idea to stay online.

Our proposal is this waterproof portable solar panel, with 2 USB ports and with an excellent efficiency. It’s only £39.99.

Pocket blanket

Because of its small size, being waterproof and very resistant, this pocket blanket allows us to lie down to rest on the grass without problems, instead of having to be stirring the contents of the backpack.

If necessary, it can be used as an awning to improvise a shelter for wind or rain, or lie on your head to protect us from the cold and other inclement weather.

Map holder

We talked before about the compass, but it is not a bad idea to carry maps of the region where we are going to walk, especially on those routes where the road is not well signaled. In this case, the map holder, strong and waterproof, is ideal to take them.

And remember even if you give them a map holder, it’s always a good idea to download the Walkaholic App to access the maps offline.

Insect repellent

Indispensable in the backpack of the lover of nature, it is something that we can always give away with the security that will be well received. The repellent not only protects from annoying mosquitoes, but insects as dangerous as ticks, which live in these environments and cause very dangerous diseases.

The Jungle Formula 150ml insect repellent for only £8 is a really good deal.

Emergency whistle

Hiking, despite being a healthy activity, is not exempt from possible accidents. Although today we have many ways to ask for help, that does not mean they are always available.

Thus, an emergency whistle hung around the neck will always be much more effective than screaming for help, because it is heard far away and is a universal signal.

Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie hiking

Although mobile phones are very useful, they do not always have coverage . So if we travel in a group, it is convenient to have a smaller but more reliable system like the walkie talkie, especially in the mountains. This affordable walkie talkies would do for you when you go with another person. It has a decent range.

Also, with channel 7-7 we can communicate, at least in Spain, with the rescue system in case of an emergency.

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to give congratulate a father who love hiking and mountains. But if your choice was different, we would like to know it: share it in a comment and so others can be favored with your decision. Who knows? Maybe our parents will meet on the road and proudly show of our gifts.

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