Circular routes to hike in France

Hiking is one of the best options to get to know a country, enjoy and breathe its nature, enjoy its landscapes, its gastronomy and its culture. France is one of those beautiful places. From the Pyrenees to Brittany, from Alsace to the Massif Central, passing through Corsica and the Alps. This country is full of unique and memorable places to travel.

The French regions are full of hiking trails that offer geographic diversity and sublime landscapes.

In Walkaholic we have chosen some circular routes to enjoy France, as a group, family or by yourself.

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Hiking trails in Pays de la Loire France

Pays de Loire is one of the thirteen regions that conform the French Republic. The great attraction of this region is the Loire River, which crosses two of the five departments until it finally flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The tributaries of the river that run through this region are the Loir, the Sarthe River and the Mayenne River. In total, there are more than 18,000 km of rivers that favor the flora and fauna of this wonderful place, making it a unique space for hiking.

The relief of this region is formed by hills of the Vendée to the south, to the north of Sarthe and Mayenne, by the Coëvrons, the Mancelles Alps, the Perseigne Forest and the Perche hills. The highlight is the Mount of Avaloirs. Most of the region is located in the Armorican massif.

In Walkaholic we invite you to discover some of the hiking trails in Pays de la Loire.

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11 hiking trails in Normandy

Land full of spectacular landscapes, the historical region of the Duchy of Normandy has witnessed important historical events.

To explore it, Normandy has an important network of itineraries, with more than 3000 km of long-distance trails, which will allow you to discover all its beauty.

From the Country of Camembert in the department of Orne, in the Seine Valley, in the so-called Norman Switzerland without forgetting the coastal routes, from Walkaholic we invite you to discover 11 hiking trails in Normandy that you will surely love.

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8 hiking trails in France for an autumn walk

For hikers, every season has its magic and challenges. But undoubtedly one of the most attractive to go for a walk is autumn.

In the period between September 21 and December 21, not only is the temperature more pleasant for physical exercises, but also nature fills with color, preparing for winter. And while it is true that Spain has fantastic hiking routes to visit this season, our neighbor France also explodes in beauty during the fall.

Therefore, from Walkaholic we invite you to discover 8 hiking trails in France to explore in autumn, which we are sure, will fill you with delight.

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5 hiking trails in Aquitaine

Next to Navarra and Aragon, the French region of Aquitaine is of special interest for those who love hiking.

How not to be? This area treasures a multitude of landscapes worth seeing, among them the French Atlantic Pyrenees, not as tall as the central Pyrenees, but equally beautiful.

However, each of its departments (Gironde, Dordogne, Olt and Garonne, Landes and the Atlantic Pyrenees) has special charms. Therefore, from Walkaholic we have selected some of the most beautiful routes you can walk in Aquitaine.

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