Top 10 walking trails of Spain this fall

Hiking is an activity that has been extended worldwide and proposes an incredible mix of sport, cultural recreation and nature. This amazing activity creates quicklinks between humans and the environment, respecting cultural identity and National Heritage.

Spain has lovely environments of over 60,000 km from route; so many that you will lack the time to visit them all. If you are in love of this activity, from Walkaholic we propose 10 walking trails to do this fall and enjoy in the coming months.

Fall, with its explosion of colors worth to admire and pleasant temperatures, is the ideal time to walk. The routes we present you next have been selected among the most popular for this season, all of them documented in our hiking app.

By the roads of Navarre: the Irati jungle

Located in Navarre excels the Irati jungle, the second largest European forest after the German Black Forest. You can access this place almost pristine from Ochagavia or Orbaitzeta. This Forest of beech and spruce has nature reserves as Lizardoia, proclaimed World Heritage Site. You can also enjoy the route to the crystalline waters of the Cubo´s river waterfall.

Irati jungle Navarre spain
Selva de Irati / Instagram @anderr235

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Different ways to sleep if you go hiking

Unless you plan a really short trip, one of the aspects to consider when you go trekking is which of the different ways to sleep you can use in this type of adventure.

Many novice hikers must learn the importance of choosing the right one in the hard way, and that involves much more than a bad night.

If you do not rest properly, you will not be able to have the necessary energy to keep on the pace in the next day. That becomes critical for trails in which you must take extreme caution: a steep and difficult terrain, where you must decide quickly and effectively at each step or compromise your balance, is not compatible with a tired hiker.

Let’s analyze then the different ways to sleep that a hiker has access to, so you can decide which is the most suitable for the route you plan to face.

ways to sleep if you go hiking
Before you embark on the adventure, plan where you are going to sleep.

Ways to sleep while hiking: pros and cons

Each of the options that a hiker has to spend the night has its particularities, benefits and usefulness in certain conditions.

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Chile unveils the Patagonian Route of Parks, a scenic trail of 2,800 km

On September 26th, all the walkers of the world received good news: the unveiling of the Patagonian Route of Parks as a Chilean tourism product. With around 2,800 kilometers long, through an extension of 11.5 million hectares, this scenic trial is ideal for those who seek direct contact with nature and trekking lovers.

This was announced by the executive director of Tompkins Conservation Chile, Carolina Morgado, which shows that this Andean country is betting strongly on responsible tourism and the preservation of the environment. The scenic trail covers an impressive biodiversity and natural landscapes, which includes forests, biosphere reserves, fjords, glaciers and much more.

Patagonian Route of Parks: a tour for brave walkers

The proposal extends from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn, connecting 60 communities that are integrated into the Southern Way, the Patagonian channels and the End of the World Route.

With this announce, Chile faces its greatest challenge and best opportunity: to become an example to follow in terms of conservation and environmental care, promoting a kind of tourism that educates and preserves our planet beauty.

This initiative, which was being prepared for 25 years, was developed by the Tompkins Conservation Foundation, in collaboration with Imagen de Chile.

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