5 hiking trails in Aquitaine

Next to Navarra and Aragon, the French region of Aquitaine is of special interest for those who love hiking.

How not to be? This area treasures a multitude of landscapes worth seeing, among them the French Atlantic Pyrenees, not as tall as the central Pyrenees, but equally beautiful.

However, each of its departments (Gironde, Dordogne, Olt and Garonne, Landes and the Atlantic Pyrenees) has special charms. Therefore, from Walkaholic we have selected some of the most beautiful routes you can walk in Aquitaine.

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Hiking routes in Murcia that you should know

Each season of the year, Murcia is a true paradise for hikers.  The Mediterranean climate of this area, together with its more than 11,300 square kilometers of a combination of coastline with valleys and mountains make it perfect for this activity.

Murcia has many routes and trails to explore, so from Walkaholic we suggest some of the most relevant, where you certainly will have a great time.

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How to start and improve in hiking?

Walking is a natural act for human beings, something that we learn since we are babies and serves us as a mean of locomotion throughout our lives.  But it has other advantages, because it is in itself a very complete aerobic exercise, which mobilizes our body and strengthens our vital systems.

Now, because modern life imposes a very fast pace, we tend to use other means of transportations to move at full speed from one place to another.  We hardly walk anymore.

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5 Hiking trails to enjoy in the French Pyrenees

As a natural barrier that marks the border between Spain and France, the Pyrenees are one of the most renowned mountain ranges in Europe.

While it is true that Spaniards have the privilege of enjoying the beauty of its southern slope, which separates Guipúzcoa, Navarra, Aragón and Catalonia from France, the French Pyrenees on its northern side are also a source of surprise and admiration for its visitors.

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Required equipment for summer hiking

Summer is the season of the year where thousands of people prepare to get in touch with nature, going out and fill their lungs with clean and fresh air.

One of the most important elements during the practice of this activity is to be well prepared to overcome the obstacles of each season. Therefore, it is important to think carefully which are the accessories that to carry in the backpack and which are the right footwear and clothes.

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