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17 hiking and mountain blogs you can’t miss

There is nothing like going back to the basics: the outdoors freshness, the nature in full, the personal satisfaction of a completed challenge, all the good that exercise does to our health. And all of these in the most natural way possible: walking.

Therefore, it is only logical that the passion for mountain and hiking is gaining more and more followers throughout Spain.  What do you need? Well, very little, besides ourselves and our disposition: just some equipment, a path and the desire to have fun.

So today from Walkaholic we want to applaud and thank those who have become true hiking and mountain gurus in Spain, and have taught and helped us to develop our passion.

We can’t mention all of them, of course, and it would be impossible for us to give them an order of priority. Behind each one of these blogs there is lots of time and effort of the people who help us to place trekking and mountaineering among the preferred outdoors activities to get to know the natural wonders of our country.

Our alphabetical listing of recommended hiking and mountain blogs

A un tir de pedra

Very active in social networks, the 3 authors of this blog write in Catalan, but the website itself allows you to translate it into Spanish (and other languages).

As expected, there is a lot of hiking content in the Valencian Community.

Bailando con Sarrios

Sara Díaz (Sarita) is the author of this mountaineering blog, and with Mane they have been doing it since 2009. They are collaborators of the Pyrenaica magazine and there you can find routes not only in Spain, but in many other countries.

All content is well documented with photographs and videos.

Bailando con Sarrios  hiking blog
Blog Bailando con Sarrios

Con los niños a cuestas

Francisco and his family have created a blog specialized in family hiking, in which he takes us by the hand to a large number of routes through the Pyrenees and Catalonia.

The blog provides a lot of information for hikers who want to introduce children to their favorite activity.

Cotoya Pindia

Very active in social networks, these guys not only give good coverage to the Cantabrian Mountains, but also to Gredos, the Pyrenees and many other mountain trails.

It is a blog with lots of useful information, for sure.

Mountain Routes and Hiking Blog
Blog Cotoya Pindia

Crónicas Montañeras

Daniel Mur tells his adventures with his companions not only in hiking, but also of mountain skiing, ravines, via ferrata and everything that has to do with mountains.

All articles have great photos, nice reviews and useful GPS tracks.


If we talk about mountain safety, this is the perfect blog.  Pedro Partal not only has more than 20 years of experience in mountain rescue, but also knows how to perfectly communicate everything that you need to know to make climbing and mountain sports safe.

Entre Montañas

This is one of the best positioned mountain blogs and it is not by chance.  It is quite complete, with detailed information and route download options.

It is managed by Begoña, Manel, Roser and Valentín, tireless travelers who talk about hiking, climbing, trekking, great routes and mountains in general.

Mountain hiking blog
Blog Entre Montañas

Historias de montaña

Since 2004, Vladimir has been telling us about his long history of mountaineer, and more.  It also analyzes must of the equipment available for any mountain activity, with a very insightful and experienced look.

La meteo que viene

Step by step, Jorge García-Dihinx has made his site a reference for those who want to visit the Pyrenees, not only in terms of meteorology but also in mountain activities information in general.

“La meteo que viene” won the First National Mountain Blog Contest, and has more than 9,000,000 views.

La senda del Hayedo

Alejandro gives us much more than a mere description of the Cantabrian Mountains in terms of routes, rural tourism and nature.  He tells us stories that distil love for his land.

La Senda del Hayedo Hiking trails and Rural Tourism
Blog La Senda del Hayedo

Los K2 de las cumbres

Antonio and J. Francisco give us in this blog hiking trails through the Central System, Iberian System and Pyrenees, conveying a hiking love that motivates anyone.

This blog has very complete descriptions and good images of each place you will visit.

Manu Hurtado

This Spanish athlete not only reaps triumphs, but also gives us his experience with mountain and outdoor articles, interviews with other athletes, training tips and equipment tests.

Montañas del sur

Maintained since 2007 by the mountaineer José Antonio, he explores the southeast of the Iberian peninsula with profound visual taste, professional photos and good explanations for those looking to explore this beautiful region.

mountain, mountaineering, climbing and bike
Blog Montañas del Sur


From difficult routes to trails to be done with children, this blog collects a lot of information about Sierra Nevada, Levante and the Pyrenees. Pels brings us since 2011 a long journey that has earned him many awards and followers.

This blog has been awarded the prize for the best sports blog 2019 in the 20blogs contest.


With a remarkable design, this blog reviews us equally vias ferratas, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, canyoning and even a bit of speleology with lots of details and added GPS tracks.

Rutinas varias

In addition to wildlife and nature reports, this blog offers you lots of routes to discover throughout Gredos and the Cantabrian Mountains for all ages and physical preparation. Routes to do with children included.

Mountain Routes Nature photography. Wild Fauna
Blog Rutas de Montaña. Fotografía de la Naturaleza. Fauna Salvaje

Viviendo la montaña

Here you can find about everything about mountain, cross-country skiing, nature, climbing, mountaineering … it’s about freedom.  And they do it nicely, describing the routes perfectly and documenting everything with photos.

For now, that was our selection of the best hiking and mountain blogs.  But we are almost certain that we will soon expand this list. 

The number of people who are willing to tell their outdoors experiences increases every day.  Once again, from Walkaholic we give them our applause and gratitude.

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