Red Cross First Aid app for hiking

Have you ever been in an emergency situation and you didn’t have cell coverage or you had to act while you were waiting for help? Today we share with you the International Red Cross First Aid app that helps you in a varied range of emergency situations..

Emergency situations explained

The app contains step-by-step instructions and even some explanatory videos and safety tips, so hiking becomes a safer activity.

first aid step by step
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GUIDE: How to prepare and organize a group-hiking route?

One of the main advantages of hiking is that, although it can be done alone, if you practice it in a group it is more fun and safe.

Group hiking helps strengthen family ties, friendship and allows you to expand your circle of friends who love hiking. There is no better way to make friends than facing paths and adventures together.

Being a non-competitive sport, as a rule all walkers help each other. This is reinforced when we face a particularly complicated path, and in fact it is recommended that you never do these routes alone.

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How to start and improve in hiking?

Walking is a natural act for human beings, something that we learn since we are babies and serves us as a mean of locomotion throughout our lives.  But it has other advantages, because it is in itself a very complete aerobic exercise, which mobilizes our body and strengthens our vital systems.

Now, because modern life imposes a very fast pace, we tend to use other means of transportations to move at full speed from one place to another.  We hardly walk anymore.

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Eating and staying hydrated on summer routes

Now that temperature is increasing – at levels that may be considered historical records- we must pay special attention to two main aspects if we go hiking.  These are food and hydration.

Of course we all agree that going for a walk should be a pleasant and fun experience.  But it must be taken into account that, as we walk, we will find ourselves in areas where there is little or no human presence… and, therefore, getting help will be tricky at least.

Then, we must ensure that our body has enough energy and electrolytes to reach our destiny.  So from Walkaholic we give you several tips on this subject.

Food and hydration in the summer

This is especially important in summer.  As the temperature rises, our body increases perspiration to keep us cool.  In return, when we sweat, we lose water and salts by evaporation as result.

 Hydration in summer
Hydration in summer / Photo by jannoon028

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Required equipment for summer hiking

Summer is the season of the year where thousands of people prepare to get in touch with nature, going out and fill their lungs with clean and fresh air.

One of the most important elements during the practice of this activity is to be well prepared to overcome the obstacles of each season. Therefore, it is important to think carefully which are the accessories that to carry in the backpack and which are the right footwear and clothes.

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