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10 Instagram accounts for hiking and nature lovers that you should follow

Instagram social network specializes in sharing images among its members. Then, it is the logical home for those beautiful snapshots that we have managed to capture during our trips to nature. As we share these pictures, other Instagram users that love hiking have done the same.

If you are preparing your next adventure or just looking for sources of inspiration to visit a beautiful place, nothing better than becoming a follower of other experienced hikers who have already cleared the path to surprise and delight us with the wonders of nature.

From Walkaholic, we recommend you 10 Instagram accounts devoted to hiking and nature lovers that you should follow.

These accounts are considered the most influential when it comes to hiking and nature.

Although of course many of them have published photos of places in Spain, its scope is rather global, giving us true gems of our planet immortalized in magnificent professional photos.



With 2.2 million followers, this Instagram channel @bbcearth is the official account of BBC in its nature branch. On it you can not only find wonderful natural landscapes, but also photos of wild animal life from all over the world.


This channel @earthofficial an impressive 2.7 million followers, and is dedicated to show unique landscapes from all over the world. A feast to the eye, indeed.


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Yosemite National Park, California, U.S. ?? | Photography by © (@brightong) #earthofficial

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Speaking of popular hiking and nature channels, @earthpix has a solid 14.9 million followers. Of course, so many people can´t be wrong: this channel brings the wonders hidden in every corner of the world. Its creator, the Australian Xavier Di Petta, holds the award that this channel is among the 100 most followed on Instagram.


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On the road ? Photo by @neohumanity

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With more than a million @epic.travels , this channel resembles the photo album of a true adventure lover dedicated to visit the most rugged and beautiful places on earth. You should check it out!


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I love you too, @nature ? Quebec, Canada. Photo by @kamvachon

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This Instagram account @jaworskyj belongs to Benjamin Jaworskyj, a German travel photographer, as well as lecturer and influencer.

He spends half of the year on the road, traveling through the most rugged and picturesque places to put at our disposal the best photos of nature that can be imagined.

In its content it makes particular emphasis on mountaineering, so this is an excellent starting point in your search for inspiration. More than a quarter of a million Instagram users follow him.


What can we say about this account? On it, the team of around 140 photographers of National Geographic pours a whole torrent of beautiful images taken in the most remote corners of the planet.

Then, it is not weird that the @natgeo   channel is followed by more than 105 million users of this social network, being the first brand to reach this massive number of followers.


Of course, the Instagram channel of the National Geographic Spanish @natgeoesp Division had to be on this list.

Although it is not among the most followed (a “modest” 137 thousand users), it compiles the work of both Spanish photographers around the world as wonderful sites in the peninsula and the isles.


This account is devoted to representative images of the natural treasures of our country. It may not be at the top of the list of Instagram giants, but as it is dedicated exclusively to show us the many alternatives that are within our reach to organize an unforgettable adventure at home, we could not leave it out.


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?¡Felicidades! Tu fotografía ha sido seleccionada para formar parte de esta galeria? ================================ ? FOTOGRAFÍA DE: @marcelinodiazzabala ——————————————— ? LOCALIZACIÓN: Las Médulas. León ================================ ?NATURALEZA_SPAIN? Fundador y Administrador: @eduardo_esq ================================ #Leon #castillayleon #spain #españa #naturaleza_spain ================================ ? Recordad que si queréis ser mencionados, solo tenéis que etiquetar la foto con #naturaleza_spain e ? INDICAR SU LOCALIZACIÓN‼️ (muchas fotografías no son seleccionadas por este motivo) ? Y no te olvides de seguirnos para disfrutar de fantásticas fotos. ================================ ♻️ Tenemos tags para todas las comunidades autónomas además de uno para España ♻️ Son los siguientes ⬇️ #⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣ •Naturaleza_Spain •Naturaleza_Cantabria •Naturaleza_Euskadi •Naturaleza_Asturias •Naturaleza_Galicia •Naturaleza_Aragon •Naturaleza_Canarias •Naturaleza_Murcia •Naturaleza_Baleares •Naturaleza_Larioja •Naturaleza_Navarra •Naturaleza_Madrid •Naturaleza_CastillayLeon •Naturaleza_CastillaLaMancha •Naturaleza_ComunidadValenciana •Naturaleza_Catalunya •Naturaleza_Andalucia •Naturaleza_Extremadura #⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣#⃣ ================================ MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS POR UTILIZAR NUESTRO TAG EN TUS FOTOS ? ———————————————– Te agradeceríamos que hicieses repost para animar a tus seguidores a seguir esta página.?

A post shared by NATURALEZA SPAIN (@naturaleza_spain) on


The account @nature has 3.4 million followers, and on it you will find shocking photos of the natural beauty of our planet.

Those pictures bring us moving stories and magical places to endless hours of fun and meditation.


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A trip into @nature ⛰ Who would you go here with? ? Faroe Islands. Photos by @cumacevikphoto #nature

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This account @nature_org  , with more than 600,000 followers, stands out for the use of the foreground and detailed plans to raise awareness about the need to preserve nature, especially the land, water and all living beings that inhabit them.

Why follow an Instagram account?

In addition to the pure visual pleasure and motivation that nature photos awaken among hiking enthusiasts, following an Instagram account has a practical purpose: it can serve as a travel guide.

Thanks to the contributions and memories of other users, it is possible to make a virtual visit to our goal before even putting on hiking boots, and in this way to see in advance the natural beauties that await us (and decide if it is worth the effort).

We are socially programmed to share pleasurable experiences with others, and thanks to technological advances it is hard to find a hiker who does not carry in his pocket a smartphone, a tablet or even a professional camera.

This, coupled with the simplicity and good user experience of Instagram as a social network, has led to the exchange of information in the form of images quickly and efficiently, without any economic background interest among users.

Additionally, the possibility of not only sharing the image but also including the exact geolocation of where the snapshot was taken thanks to the photo geo tags, provides a very important advantage that we should not overlook.

Then, with Instagram we can know where to look and how to get there, following the steps of those pioneering photographers who discover the wonders of our planet.

So do not hesitate and start following these 10 Instagram accounts that delight lovers of hiking and nature around the world.And of course do not forget to follow our @walkaholic.me 

And if you have another favorite, or one that you consider especially valuable dedicated to our country, we invite you to leave us its description in a comment.

Today we may be enjoying the natural beauties through an Instagram account, but who knows if tomorrow we decide to visit it together and meet on the road.

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