The 7 best hiking trails in Galicia

All hikers know it: if you really want to know a place, you will need to walk it. For that, Galicia is an ideal place to be discovered by our steps.

Full of idyllic trails, exuberant nature and a unique history, this region also stands out for the endemic character of its species and its landscapes worthy of contemplation, as well as the exuberance of its geography that combines rivers, sea, mountains, valleys and a thousand more landscapes to discover.

Good for walking at any time of the year, the Galician trails are dressed up in spring and autumn for the maximum enjoyment of the traveler with flower fields and sun rays over the Galician¡ beaches.

Therefore, from Walkaholic we will like to propose you 7 hiking trails in this community that stands out for its beauty and splendor. Continue reading The 7 best hiking trails in Galicia

Health benefits of hiking

What can you do in your free time, which includes family and friends while improving health and being also relaxing? Well, you can choose hiking, one of the activities that had won more and more followers after decades, for all the benefits that it brings to our health.

In addition, if it is well planned it can be practiced by anyone, no matter the training level or age.

Elders, children… anyone can go hiking, as long as you choose an appropriate trail and follow some simple tips. Therefore, from Walkaholic we talk today about the multiple benefits of this practice for your health. Continue reading Health benefits of hiking

Best hiking trails to do with children in Spain

The love of nature is something that should be taught in an early stage. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many hiking enthusiasts to be accompanied with their children, as a way to become familiar with the activity and come to love it as much as they do.

In addition to a healthy and fun way to unite the family, overcoming the challenges imposed by a hiking route cultivates self-confidence to face new challenges, and this type of activity strengthens coordination and the body.

However, hiking can sometimes be a very demanding activity. Therefore, we recommend not stressing the resistance of our children or exposing them to the dangers that are implicit in the most complicated routes, so they do not lose their motivation due to being exposed to accidents. Continue reading Best hiking trails to do with children in Spain

10 Instagram accounts for hiking and nature lovers that you should follow

Instagram social network specializes in sharing images among its members. Then, it is the logical home for those beautiful snapshots that we have managed to capture during our trips to nature. As we share these pictures, other Instagram users that love hiking have done the same.

If you are preparing your next adventure or just looking for sources of inspiration to visit a beautiful place, nothing better than becoming a follower of other experienced hikers who have already cleared the path to surprise and delight us with the wonders of nature.

From Walkaholic, we recommend you 10 Instagram accounts devoted to hiking and nature lovers that you should follow. Continue reading 10 Instagram accounts for hiking and nature lovers that you should follow

The best spring hiking routes of Spain

Ah, the spring! As much as winter is the ideal season to dust off our snowshoes, crampons and put on our warmer jacket, with the arrival of this new season life around us is reborn. Why not then lighten our clothes and go out to enjoy nature?

To enjoy the new season in full, from Walkaholic we recommend you 10 wonderful places for hiking in Spain that will leave you unforgettable memories of this spring. Enjoy them! Continue reading The best spring hiking routes of Spain