The beautiful hiking trails in Asturias that you should know

The 10,603.57 square kilometers of the Principality of Asturias stand out in all its extension for its beautiful natural landscapes and the history that awaits for the hiking lovers.

Located to the North of the Iberian Peninsula and bathed by the Bay of Biscay, Asturias is geologically the most mountainous region of Spain, which is always good news for us walkers. And there are always pleasant temperatures that allow us to escape from the intense summer heat.

So from Walkaholic we present you 6 hiking routes that you should visit in Asturias, convinced that you will enjoy them in full. Continue reading The beautiful hiking trails in Asturias that you should know

Hiking trails with water to travel in Spain this summer

Summer is the season that comes with high temperatures and scorching sun. Although these conditions do not frighten a well-prepared hiker, it is also true that, to make the day more fun and fresh, there is nothing better than walking on routes with water nearby.

The proximity of the precious liquid tends to cool the environment and make the heat more tolerable, as well as being an accessible water source to combat dehydration, if all necessary precautions are taken to make it drinkable.

Of course, not all are practical advantages: waterfalls, rivers and lagoons in perfect harmony with the environment are places that attract a very interesting flora and fauna, as well as being the perfect frames for the most beautiful photos. Continue reading Hiking trails with water to travel in Spain this summer

7 Routes to visit in the Basque Country that you will love

Euskadi, the Basque Country, is a territory full of diverse landscapes, history and cultural heritage. The best way to know entirely and really get filled with the spirit of its people is walking its roads and breathing the pure air of its countryside.

This region is privileged by a well-marked network of routes and trails, which includes GR (Long Distance), PR (Small Route) and SL (Local Path) trajectories. Therefore, you can visit on foot its most picturesque villages,  museums, enjoy Basque cuisine and be delighted with wonderful views.

To discover Euskadi, from Walkaholic we propose you 7 hiking routes in the Basque Country, taking into account different degrees of difficulty and terrains. Continue reading 7 Routes to visit in the Basque Country that you will love

Sunset Hiking in Spain

Spain is one of the countries where you can combine hiking with the most beautiful sunset’s sights, worth to be forever remembered.

The Sunset Hiking is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences for the spirit, because few things can be compared to the magical moment when the sun sets on the horizon.

That special moment that dyes the whole panorama of reds and oranges, as night prelude, is best enjoyed outdoors in the magnificent natural scenery distributed throughout our geography, where there are no shortage of high mountains or heavenly beaches. Continue reading Sunset Hiking in Spain

The best long-distance footpaths (GR) in Spain

Interest on hiking has increased considerably in Spain. There are many new fans that day by day are eager to travel trails, discovering and enjoying the natural beauty that our country offers.

For both the most daring and amateurs there are a large number of long-distance footpaths (known as routes of Gran Recorrido, GR footpaths) that are recognized by the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME), many of them belonging to the network of European Long-Distance Trails .

A long-distance trail means a route of more than 50 km in length, designed to be traveled in 2 or more stages.

These roads are marked by a white stripe on a red one, which are painted along the route in visible places such as trees, stones or specially placed supports to mark the route.

In Spain there are more than 200 major long distance trails or GR footpaths, each of them with several stages and many with variants, so the number of possible routes is enormous. Continue reading The best long-distance footpaths (GR) in Spain