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Required equipment for summer hiking

Summer is the season of the year where thousands of people prepare to get in touch with nature, going out and fill their lungs with clean and fresh air.

One of the most important elements during the practice of this activity is to be well prepared to overcome the obstacles of each season. Therefore, it is important to think carefully which are the accessories that to carry in the backpack and which are the right footwear and clothes.

Then, we must take into account the characteristics of the route of choice, the distance that we will travel, if we are going to camp and the number of days we will be on the road. In addition, of course, we must take into account the climatic conditions that we are going to face.

It is fundamental to make good choices in this sense, since it can make the difference between having a good or bad experience. So from Walkaholic we recommend the necessary equipment to go hiking during the summer.


Hiking in summer

When choosing clothes, shoes and accessories we must think carefully and select what we will take into account its usefulness in the route.

The weight is essential, but we must be careful not to sacrifice some element that we may miss later.

Everything that we will carry has to ease our journey and make comfortable and more pleasant the trail. Therefore, it is very important in summer to find out in advance the weather and route characteristics to avoid surprises. Keep in mind that, we should be prepared not only to face the heat of the season, but also sudden storms.

In our favor, during summer we have more hours of light, which is more time for longer routes.


clothes for hiking in summer
Hiking in summer /Photo by Pexels – Pixabay.com

At present, there is a lot of information about the clothes that we should wear for hiking. Everyone agrees that we should wear light clothes during summer that allow perspiration and be quick drying. It is also advisable to include a light raincoat, in case the rain makes its appearance.

Now, if you’re going to go hiking, one of the proven success formulas in hiking gear is less clothing + less weight = less heat. The clothing must be adequate and versatile, specially designed for high temperatures and to maintain the ideal body temperature.

Wear a breathable T-shirt, preferably polyester, with which you feel comfortable.

A breathable fine sweater is also recommended, it will give you some warmth from the temperatures at night, especially if you do some high mountain route.

Do not forget to bring a waterproof breathable jacket that can cover the rest of the clothes in case it rains. Include this garment in your backpack if the route you are going to make is in high mountain or in a valley, especially if it is in the Pyrenees.

Of course, in this season it will depend a lot on the conditions of the route and the weather. Keep in mind light clothing that you can take off and putting in dependence on your requirements.

Do not forget a cap or hat to protect the head of the sun, which will be especially strong in summer.


In terms of footwear, we must define the type of trail we are going to cover, the type of hiking and the distance we will travel.

There are shoes that are ideal for speed hiking, but they are not the best for trekking. Being designed to run, they are light but with a very hard sole. It usually exposes the ankle, so it is recommended for short distances and easy routes.

In general, the most advisable footwear to choose is a pair of boots whose fit the foot but let the fingers slightly separated from the tip of the shoe, so as not to suffer in the descents.

The two fundamental elements to consider are the sole and the membrane. Let’s not forget the socks to avoid rubbing and blisters.

It is important to feel comfortable with the footwear, which feels almost like an extension of the body, that offers security and does not bother us.


Backpack for hiking - summer
Backpacks /Photo by Wavebreakmedia– Freepik.com

Among the most important accessories of the hiker, there is the backpack. Almost all experts recommend one with a 20-30 liters capacity for a 1-day excursion, as it allows you to carry essential equipment without becoming too heavy or obstructing your movements.

Of course, if the trip takes several days, other options of greater capacity must be considered. The backpack should be suitable for our size, have several pockets, a sleeve for the water bottle and a strap that fits the waist.

If you are going to spend the night outdoors, you should take a tent and sleeping bag, mat or bivouac holster. These constitute a protection against cold, wind and humidity, and must be selected taking into account the chosen path and the climatic conditions to which we can be exposed.

It is also important to put in our summer backpack a sunscreen that takes into account the sensitivity of our skin and the strength of the sun’s rays in the place we will go. In addition, you will need dark glasses to protect you from UVA rays and a repellent against insects, which tend to swarm in summer, especially on the coast or near humid areas.

General tips for summer hikers

Essential accessories for summer hiking
Accessories for hiking /Photo by Eakmoto – Freepik.com

In addition to what we have recommended above, it is advisable to include a flashlight, preferably frontal, a medical kit, a mobile phone, additional clothes, a pocket knife, solar chargers and our dear friend the camera. It is recommended also to carry maps, and a GPS to facilitate field orientation.

Also we must not forget the required foods to provide energy and calories for our body. But the most important thing in summer is water, essential for our hydration: in this season we lose a lot of liquid through perspiration, so it must be replaced by drinking small sips on a frequent basis. If you use isotonic drinks, better.

Do not trust that your route will have enough water sources at your disposal: take water with you. Dehydration is one of the big problems in the mountain: drink even if you are not thirsty, as this will help you acclimatize to the route.

The rest we leave to your consideration and good judgment, so you’re ready to go hiking this summer.

If you have any other suggestions about the equipment we recommend, leave us a comment. Who knows? We may meet this summer along the way.

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