The best Spanish hiking routes to do in winter

The best winter hiking trails in Spain

Hiking in winter? Why not? This season not only adds an extra element of adventure due to the low temperatures, but also has the plus of the snow beauty.

It can also be argued that in cold weather we do not have to suffer so much from insect bites, from the sun’s rays (beware, from which we still have to protect ourselves in winter), that the extreme heat does not cause us to lose energy or electrolytes for perspiration …

But let’s be honest: the route calls us and we will not want to wait until spring. So, from Walkaholic we would like to suggest you some of the best winter trails in Spain, so you can have a blast doing just what you enjoy.


The Covacha (Sierra de Gredos, Cáceres-Ávila)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter the Covacha
La Covacha (Sierra de Gredos, Cáceres-Ávila)/


This is a long trail, of 28 kilometers and 1400 meters of slope which will take you to the Covacha with its 2395 meters of altitude. Although there are several routes to conquer this mountain, we recommend the road that begins in the town of Navalguijo. Following the path to Laguna de los Caballeros, we will see the Chorrera del Lanchón, a beautiful waterfall of 100 meters. When arriving at the glacial origin lagoon, it only remains a long and difficult slope to the top.

The Sierra de Aracena (Huelva)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter The Sierra de Aracena
Sierra de Aracena /

Being one of the longest routes in Andalusia with its 600 kilometers of roads, the Sierra de Aracena is full of forests, oaks and cork oaks that are especially attractive in winter.

Which route do we recommend? Almost all, because in the Sierra de Aracena you can go walking anywhere, and each route crosses a variety of beautiful rural settlements with its gastronomy and its typical ways.

Depending on the time you have and the difficulty you are willing to face, we recommend you use our Walkaholic application to trace the path you want to travel on our maps.

The Trenches of the Lost Valley (Murcia)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter The Trenches of the Lost Valley

If you are interested in war history, this route will dazzle you. It’s an easy 10 kilometers trail with a slope of only 500 meters, but through them you will cross about 10 war trenches, caves for magazines and houses and a machine gun nest. At the end, the ruins of the Portazgo Castle, original of the XII century. So you’ll find out what a trench soldier felt in winter

Los Acantilados de Barbate (Cádiz, Andalusia)

 Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Los Acantilados de Barbate
La Breña /

Well … as in Andalusia almost always has good weather, this route is recommended in any season. Los Acantilados de Barbate this is a low difficulty road, with 12 km and a slope of only 200 meters, from the beach of Yerbabuena to the beach of Caños de Meca. A simple walk to stretch your legs at the shade of the pines in the Natural Park of La Breña and Marismas de Barbate, and sight-seeing the cliffs of the Torre del Tajo.

Bufones de Pría (Asturias)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Bufones de Pría
Bufones de Pría/

The coastline in winter also has its charm: with the strong winds the high waves arrive, and you can get some beautiful photos, as there is a phenomenon called Bufones, where the water takes advantage of cracks or holes between the rocks and raises up with great force, in a way similar to geysers.

This path in the Llanes area offers you exactly that along its 12 kilometers. If you are in a hurry, you can finish it in four hours, but we recommend that you take it easy so that you really enjoy it.

Monte Gorbea (Vizcaya- Álava, Basque Country)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter - Monte Gorbea
Monte de Gorbea /

Are you looking for a winter challenge? Then climb to Monte de Gorbea the 1.482 meters of the Gorbea peach and touch the 17 meters high metal cross that crowns it. But do not take it lightly: it is better to do it during a good weather day, because this climbing is demanding. Neither easy nor simple… but rejoicing.

Montseny (Barcelona, ​​Catalonia)

Although winter is the perfect season for hiking in the Catalan Pyrenees, some of its trails require a certain level of experience and medium-high preparation. However, there are some routes that can be traveled that are not so demanding, and in the process they prepare us for bigger challenges.

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Montseny
Montseny /Fotohiking

The Montseny has a wide variety of routes, peaks and forests to its surroundings to enjoy beautiful views. In this park you can find short circular routes for beginner hikers up to more extensive routes that have a greater difficulty, ideal for more experienced people.

One of its most attractive routes in winter is the Santa Fe del Montseny circuit. This route covers about 6 km and has no difficulty; if it has snowed on the date of your visit, you can enjoy a spectacular landscape.

Pozo de la nieve (Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid)

 Spanish hiking routes to do in winterSierra de Guadarrama
Sierra de Guadarrame/

If you live in the capital, you do not have to take a long trip to enjoy a good winter hiking. You have at hand the Sierra de Guadarrama, which extends through the provinces of Madrid, Avila and Segovia, this mountain range is a real attraction in winter as it changes completely Pozo de la nieve.

The route of the Pozo de la nieve is a clear example: a simple route in its 5 km with 200 meters of slope, but that does not mean that its beauty will not take your breath away. The route runs through a valley with nooks used as snowfields, forests and train tracks.

Santa Lucía and Santa Eulalia (Cáceres, Extremadura)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Santa Lucía
Santa Lucia /

If you do not mind walking a bit more than usual, the 20 km of this Cáceres route is full of culture. And winter colors with its special palette the small churches, hermitages and watering holes! It is a different way to do hiking, but just as charming: you can end with some crumbs or any other delicacy in a local bar to warm up after the walk.

Path of Carretas (Cantalojas, Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Sendas las Carretas
Sendas de las Carretas /Arreandoganao

Starting in the Castilian town of Cantalojas, this is one of the routes that is most beautiful to do it in winter. It begins and ends in the parking lot of the town, starting along the course of the Lillas River and walking to the Matarredonda meadow, always among oaks and beech trees.

Path of the Duero (Salamanca and Zamora, Castilla y León)

Spanish hiking routes to do in winter Path of the Duero
Sendero del Duero /

The GR 14 Trail is a long-distance route that has over 755 km long and is divided into several stages of different length and difficulty.

This path passes through Castile and León, from the Picos de Urbión in the Soria province, passing through the fluvial quay of Vega de Terrón, in the province of Salamanca, following the fluvial course of the Douro River, and entering Portugal until arriving to Porto.

You can also visit the Natural Park of Arribes del Duero, where you will find very attractive trails for all tastes, but if what you are looking for is a quiet winter walk, we recommend you to do the Senda del Duero Nature Trail. Of course, keep in mind that it is a long way, so you can choose the section you want to travel.

If you want to plan your route perfectly to know the Spain in winter, remember that the Walkaholic app is your best companion.

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  1. The app seems useless. You reccomend pozo de la nieve Guadarrama but theres no such trail on the app in Madrid. I could not find any info about the route on YouTube or even doing Google search.

    1. Hi Nazel, first of all thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

      The article was incomplete and didn’t include links to most of the routes. Now we have included them.

      If you search in Google for “ruta pozo de la nieve” or “route pozo de la nieve” there will appear results of this route.

      About the Walkaholic app, we are precisely working to add routes in Andorra, France and Spain. So keep posted in our Facebook page since we will be releasing an update very soon.


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