The best hiking trails in Andalusia

One of the biggest attractions of Andalusia is the climate. This autonomous community enjoys a pleasant temperature during most of the year, which makes it an ideal place for hikers

Andalusia has a vast network of trails (GR, PR and SL), greenways, natural roads, green corridors and green doors with different levels of difficulty.

And allows to go hiking from those how are amateurs or accompanied with children, to the most experienced hikers.

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The best cross-country skiing sites in Spain

We are hikers, so challenges are something that we always like. Thanks to the snow, we can add two new challenges to winter hiking in Spain to our adventure list: hiking with snowshoes and cross-country skiing.

Born in the Scandinavian plains, this winter sport has been neglected for decades for not being as colorful as snowboarding or alpine skiing, but it is perfect for trekkers. Their routes do not necessarily require much effort and you can travel both short and long distances: as this has never been a hindrance to us, well we can take advantage of the arrival of winter to go for a walk, this time with our skis. Continue reading The best cross-country skiing sites in Spain

15 National Parks of Spain good to hiking

Throughout Spain, the National Parks are an important of the great wonders of the Iberian Peninsula. Its magnificent beauty is the hiker’s paradise, and there are a lot to choose from the routes of the Pyrenees, to the wonderful landscapes of the Canary Islands trails.

Today, from Walkaholic we offer you a quick peek at this huge range of possibilities to plan your next adventure. Cause the meaning of the National Parks is not only to preserve, but also to educate and entertain.

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The best winter hiking trails in Spain

Hiking in winter? Why not? This season not only adds an extra element of adventure due to the low temperatures, but also has the plus of the snow beauty.

It can also be argued that in cold weather we do not have to suffer so much from insect bites, from the sun’s rays (beware, from which we still have to protect ourselves in winter), that the extreme heat does not cause us to lose energy or electrolytes for perspiration …

But let’s be honest: the route calls us and we will not want to wait until spring. So, from Walkaholic we would like to suggest you some of the best winter trails in Spain, so you can have a blast doing just what you enjoy. Continue reading The best winter hiking trails in Spain

Top of hiking trails in the Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees, a mountain mass that runs through the territories of Andorra, France and Spain, has historically been a challenge for hikers. This natural border between Spain and France covers a range of 425 km in length and 80 km in width, where there are plenty of spectacular places for hiking, due to its combination of mountains, high peaks, volcanoes, rivers and glaciers.

From Walkaholic we bring you 9 of its most beautiful and demanding routes, which are all hikers delight. The information needed to plan and visit those trails is included in our application, so be prepared to conquer the Pyrenees this winter! Continue reading Top of hiking trails in the Spanish Pyrenees